The Outlet Story

Why did I build The Yourgreatfinds Outlet? 
It was time. started out with a distinct brand and vibe. I'm an experienced and knowledgable buyer. My knowledge comes from years of experience and study as well as a lifetime of collecting.  My job is to shop estates, pickers and antique shows to find the very best, the rare, the unusual and special pieces for my website. My job is to hunt down GREAT FINDS. I am also a personal shopper. I have customers that I shop for specific items for as well. I have customers that have been with me almost 20 years. It's about building friendships and collecting together. It's about finding the really good stuff. 
As my website grew and I closed other venues (Hunter's Alley, Etsy and One Kings Lane) the inventory from said platforms was all flooded onto the website. Problem was that all of that product was slowing my website down. It was loading too slowly. I had to do something. 
And more product kept coming. There are times when I am offered entire estates or I'll see a picker that offers me a "lot" of jewelry. I may buy 100 pieces to get 15 outstanding turquoise pieces. What shall I do with the other 85 pieces? Much of it sat in a big white box because it was slightly "Off brand". It didn't match my "vibe". Then I created The Penny Collection. I learned that even though you love turquoise, you loved the "other stuff too". You loved the sparkly peridot necklace, the big, bright topaz ring and the long rhinestone earrings. 
And something love discounts! (Don't we all?) You love a good sale and a fun jewelry show. 
So, there I was with too much jewelry, a slow loading website and a huge group of customers that have become my friends that love to get a great deal on good things. I decided to split Messy Bowl Markdowns and The Penny Collection off from my main website, marry them and create a new outlet store. 
It's a "no brainer" that I needed an Outlet! So here it is. I hope that you like it.