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The Drawer

It's the top left drawer of my antique Victorian oak roll-top desk. The handle is crooked and the wood bears the patina of over 100 years of service.  I wonder how many hands pulled that handle to slide this heavy, extra long oak wood drawer out so that the contents can be viewed. It is 3 feet deep and 1 foot wide, by the way. That handle has been glued in place several times and has many mis-matched, bent nails on the backside, each with the job of holding the handle in place for a while longer.  None of that really matters though, because this is "The Drawer"'s THAT drawer. I learned that most of my antique jeweler dealers have...

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Finally!!! A Grand Opening!

The Grand Opening of my Outlet Website will be this Friday Night, at 5:00 PM PST. There will be special discounts and $1200 worth of vintage jewelry given away. (Pictured above) If you are already on my mailing list, you will get an email about the event with promo coupons and such. If not, Please sign up here Don't Miss out!

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